Agent Ross is a secret FIB agent high in the FIB.


Agent Ross discovered the Wild Zombies Gang after a huge bust at the Wild Zombies Clubhouse in Central Alderney. He found out that the Wild Zombies previously had deep connections and secrets with the Russian Mob.

Agent Ross used this as a chance to take down the russian illegal connection in the united states by sending them in to kill Kenny Petrovic and send the mob scattering. Unfortunately this plan failed and backfired on the FIB by losing the WZG members in the scatter.


A couple years later the Bureau identified 2 suspects involved in the Pacific Standard Heist to be positively identified and former WZG members Shavin and Elijah. Removing the Lifetime of prison off their heads in trade of working for them in secret. They both agreed and asked for Myen and Austin to work for them as well.

With a new threat from south of the boarder with the war on drugs, Agent Ross had the four start a criminal buisness to compete, keep track and pacify the Madrazo smuggling monopoly and woldwide drug trade.

Shavin's proposition:

Shavin made a deal with the FIB to fake his death and start a new life away from the criminal past. The emotional loss from Liberty City and the past was too much on him and couldn't continue on with the criminal life. Sending the three a letter of his disappearance with final goodbyes. Sending Elijah a personal letter from Liberty City.