Austin Walker is one of the Protagonists of the GTA story, He's currently working with the Saints Row as an International Entrepreneur and making sales outside the country, He's the backbone of the Saints Row business financially.

Austins dream growing up with Myen was to travel the world. Starting with moving to Liberty City, the dream became a reality. Myen instantly began to make contacts in the city and began their criminal enterprise.


With the creation of Saints Row, Austin took on the great task of collecting foreign goods and currency in other nations and making deals for Saints Row. The dream was now a reality.

Trouble in Bolivia

On one of Austins normal business trips to make negotiations with the Santa Blanca Cartel, things didn't go as planned. Austin and his team were ambushed and was held hostage by the cartel and threatened Saints Row to give them 20,000,000 USD or they would perform a public execution. 4 months later Austin was saved and El Sueno was stopped.

The Russian settlement mission

Austin brings the Saints Row CEO's to assist him in his struggle to set up business in the russian wilderness. Resources are scarce in the area and requires Austin to make some cuts to make by or risk losing the buisness in Northern Asia. The team set out to make deliveries across unstable terrain.