"Babyface" Nick is a minor tritagonist in the GTA story. He was a good friend with Austin and Myen during Liberty City and the early days of Los Santos.

Liberty City:

During Liberty City, Nick was given the nickname "babyface" by the Faustin crime family because he would wear the angel mask during interrogations and street combat that looked like a babyface. Giving him the name.

He worked with Myen and Austin during a few missions with Little Jacob. Giving them two a job with the Faustin crime family. Myen kindly declined, told him he didn't want to get into any mafia families at the time and told Nick about the business they wanted to begin.

Los Santos:

Nick was only in Los Santos for a short time, he had helped Austin and Myen get into the Madrazo Cartel and assisted them on missions.

Nick mostly communicated with the two over phone calls or messages from Liberty City.