Black Dynamite Mason

Black Dynamite Mason is the Son of Sir James Mason of the British Navy. Lone Star shows Lucas to Black Dynamite far outside of town living inside a cave in the west. Black Dynamite claims he is the Son of the Old Saints Row Captain and his fortunes is on the map.

Black Dynamite never met his father when growing up, instead he grew up on a cotton plantation with a set of captured slaves.


A woman that raised him he called "Mama Dia" was a house slave on the plantation and cared for him while he was growing up. One day she was whipped to death infront of him and fueled him with anger. Black Dynamite eventually escaped the plantation with Harriet tubman through the Underground Railroad to the North.


Lonely and Broken, inside of Mason's old slave rags he finds a paper with the letters S A I N T S R O W and a map to a location. Mason meets and falls in love with a woman. She and Mason joined with a large group of settlers to ride the Oregon Trail to the West. on the trail, Masons wife gives birth to a baby boy. 2 month later several Oxen died from a disease and killed all the settlers, including his wife who passed away. Mason and the child then walked for miles until coming upon a cave where he made home.


Lone Star sir makes campsite near the cave pulling another horse, Lone Star bleeding from his thigh. and finds Mason inside the cave with a child standing behind him. He offers them food and clothing and asks to help him ride with him to the nearest town with his other horse. in trade, Mason shows Lone Star the treasure map, They become partners.


Lone Star introduces Lucas Riverwood to Mason in Tumbleweed while Mason was looking for KKK members to kill in the area. The Three stir up a fuss in the town and LoneStar gets shot. the two escape east toward Blackwater where they find a doctor for LoneStar.

While Black Dynamite Mason was wondering the desert near Tumbleweed with Lucas, he had suffered a Heart Attack and died. There was nothing Lucas could do. Lucas then informed the posse and family to attend his funeral in Valentine.