The Grand Lone Star is the Father of Lone Star Dakota Walker II. He is one of the main characters in Red Dead Redemption II and is one of the members of the Old Saints Row Business (Not to be confused with Saints Row. a modern resurrection of the business established in 2015).

Dakota's Father Edwin Walker fought in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, Lone Star grew up on a large 150 acre cattle farm in the midwest state of New Hanover.


Dakota Joined the North in the Civil war to fight against the south.


LoneStar becomes a expert fisherman on his freetime.

Lone Star introduces Lucas Riverwood to Mason in Tumbleweed while Mason was looking for KKK members to kill in the area. The Three stir up a fuss in the town and LoneStar gets shot. the two escape east toward Blackwater where they find a doctor for LoneStar.