Drake Shovelski is one of the three brothers and the youngest out of Zarek and Myen. Drake currently is known to be employed at a fast food restaurant Burger Shot. Drake has been kept in contact by Myen and Zarek but has yet to appear in the game.


In 2008, the family house in Dimworth was burned to the ground, Drake was staying the night at a highschool friends house when it happened. After the fire drake was forced to move out and buy a apartment on his own. Myen couldn't bring him with to Liberty City because of money at the time.


Drake is still comfirmed to be living in Dimworth working as the manager at a local Burger Shot. Myen and Zarek have been speaking to him about moving him to Los Santos and getting him into the Saints Row Business, but they're concerned about the behavior of drake after the housefire and its unknown if he's still mentally stable. It is unknown when he will arrive.