Kojo Rojers is one of the old protagonists from Liberty City.

In the early days of Liberty City, His family was poor and were living in the slums and rundown projects, he then met up with Shavin and became friends along with Elijah later on.

Kojo one night got too wasted with Elijah and Shavin at the irish pub and smashed a beer bottle through the windshield of a Turismo, pissing off a Russian mobster. Leading the four into the criminal underworld of Liberty City.

Few years after the events in Liberty City, they arrived in Los Santos where Kojo began a new life and made friends in the hood of Los Santos. Kojo quickly gained local reputation and got caught up in the gangs in the area, leaving the former BBE crew on their own. Kojo is rumored to still be hanging around the streets of Los Santos or at Bolingbroke Penitentiary.