The LS Death Riders are a biker faction broken off from the Lost MC after the Death of Johnny Klebitz, Clay and Zareks close friend Terry.

The biker faction was formed around early 2014, a couple months after the death of Johnny, Clay and Terry by a former business partner Trevor Phillips.


While still running for the Lost MC, Zarek decided to completely cut ties after a bar conflict at Yellow Jack inn with the new leader of the Lost MC. disbanding with a van full of their coke and settling down at a shack in Sandy Shores.


The LS Death Riders were still struggling to gain power in Sandy Shores because of the conflict and overruling of the Lost MC. Their businesses began to fall and cut short. Aswell as a new began to run through the desert, the Saints Row.

Seeing as vandalism of the businesses in the area began to rise, the Saints Row sent a head CEO to clear up the conflict. After wiping out most of the biker annoyance in the town, Zarek and his gang surrounded Elijah and his bodyguards at gunpoint, telling them to help them by taking down the Lost MC or die.

Because the negotiations were'nt up to the CEO. Elijah convinced Zarek to come with him to the business tower to speak with the owner of Saints Row. Zarek agreed on strict terms and went to Los Santos.

The LS Death Riders eventually made a business partnership with the Saints Row Enterprises. Leading to the takeover of the Blaine County and Los Santos biker scene.