Myen Mason is a one of the main protagonists of the GTA S2tory and the owner of the Saints Row Enterprises.

Myen had known Austin Walker since they were kids in a small town in the Middle Valley of San Andreas. They both eventually moved to Liberty City to follow their dream on ruling the world together.


During the time in Dimworth, Myen spent most of his time with Austin. One night he had gotten a text on his phone that the house was on fire. He had arrived to a flaming inferno that changed his emotions to a pit of rage, blaming his brother Zarek for the loss of their home.


Myen began making connections instantly by hanging out with Little Jacob. Little Jacob gave him missions to make hits on people around the city and Myen completed them flawlessly, although he never really liked driving around the city since the streets were difficult to maneuver around. Myen also made some moves around Algonquin with Playboy X in the later years.


With the money and power, Myen and Austin decided to move on to their next location to find a nice place to create a buisness of their own. Myen and Austin fly to Los Santos to begin

a criminal partnership with a contact Martin Madrazo. After completing missions with him, Myen and Austin mentioned on pulling a heists for Medrazo's buisness. Unfortunately Martin didn't see them as good enough to perform the heist just the two of them on their own so Martin paired Myen and Austin with two other contacts from Liberty city to see if they can work together as a team, pairing them with Elijah and Shavin.


As of 2017, Myen now works with his half-brother Zarek, Elijah, Austin and Jackie in the Saints Row Buisness. Myen also has revealed to have a 1 year old son named Myen Jr.


In October, Myens business Saints Row was shut down by the FIB and Myen left with the FIB for reasons unknown.