Shavin is one of the old Protagonists in the GTA Story, He was one of the founders of the Wild Zombies Gang LC aswell as one of the former heist members alongside Austin, Myen and Elijah.


Shavin moved from the Middle Valley to Liberty City to work with his family members in the crime business. He met up with Kojo, a low life just trying to survive in the city. A few months later Shavin found a Craplist post for two roomates and moved in with Elijah. Almost a year has passed and his friend Kojo stirs up trouble outside an irish pub one night by smashing the windshield of a Turismo. Getting them kidnapped and working for the Russian Mob.


While tensions are heating up between the group and Petrovic, Shavin and Kojo decide to hook up with bikers and begin the biker gang Wild Zombies Gang LC.


After the Heists in Los Santos, Shavin and Elijah decided to meet up with an old road captain from the WZG LC gang in Las Venturas and reformed the WZG as Wild Zombies Gang Las Venturas


Shavin made a deal with the FIB to fake his death and start a new life away from the criminal past, the emotional loss from Liberty City and the past was too much on him and couldn't continue on with the criminal life. sending us three a letter of his disappearance and goodbyes and a personal letter to Elijah from Liberty City.


Shavin makes a secret return at Elijah's wedding in Paleto Bay, under a different identity. He attends the wedding and accompanied the group.

A week later Shavin gets interviewed at the Saints Row HQ by Myen Mason and begins his work with the business under another identity, Shavin Sweatshirt.