The Wild Zombies Biker Gang (WZG) is a Liberty City Biker Gang formerly owned by Shavin Jit and Kojo. It is unknown who runs the biker gang now in the Liberty City area (possibly cArTeL HeRnAnDeZ) and it is currently owned by Elijah Lopez in Sandy Shores.


in early 2013 the Wild Zombies were formed by Shavin and Kojo. both together fueled their Clubhouse with drugs and goods for the Wild Zombies.

Bone Thug Mafia:

The Bone Thug Mafia (BTM) were a small rival biker gang in the suburbs of central Actor, Alderney. They destroyed and sabotaged Wild Zombie shipments and deals during 2013.

September 2013:

In late September of 2013 the Wild Zombies Clubhouse was burnt to the ground and the gang was disbanded for the moment, it is unknown if the old members reformed the gang in Liberty City.


In mid 2015 the Wild Zombies were reformed in Las Venturas when Shavin and Elijah regrouped with a former member in the area. There a Clubhouse was formed and the Wild Zombies Gang Las Venturas was created.


After the disappearance of Shavin, word came around that the Wild Zombies Las Venturas Hideout was destroyed and the former Liberty City member was killed. Leaving the gang in the dust.


In late 2017, the Wild Zombie Gang was reformed by Elijah with the help of the LS Death Riders. Zarek lended Elijah one of his Cocaine factories and opened up a hideout for him in Sandy Shores. The Wild Zombie Gang was reformed as the WZG Las Venturas in Dedication of the Clubhouse there and the brothers that were lost.