Zarek Shovelski is one of the new protagonists in the GTA Story, he is a former Lost MC Road Captain until he was betrayed by the new leaders of the Lost MC after the death of Johnny, Terry and Clay. He is now the Leader and founder of the LS Death Riders renegade biker gang business.


around 2008, Zarek was getting into trouble with small town biker gangs in Dimworth, San Andreas. One night, Zareks house was burned to the ground by a giant fire (it is unknown if the biker gang was the cause of the fire).

This lead to the separation of the brothers as they parted ways, never contacting each other afterwards.

A few months after, Zarek found himself in the Lost MC biker gang and headed down south of San Andreas, and becoming good friends with Terry Thorpe, a Lost MC biker from Liberty City.


In 2015. Johnny, Terry and Clay were killed in Sandy Shores and Grapeseed by Trevor Phillips. This lead to a new leadership in the Lost MC.

One night at Yellow Jack Inn, Zarek and his brothers got into a fight with one of the new leaders and left the Lost MC stealing a van full of coke with him. Leading him to begin a new biker gang, the LS Death Riders.


Zarek settled in a shack in Sandy Shores and formed the LS Death Riders and began business. This lasted for a short time until the Lost MC began to lash back at the Death Riders with mayhem to their business and sellers, including the Saints Row business. This lead to one of the CEO's of Saints Row to arrive in Sandy Shores to be surrounded by the LS Death Riders.

The Saints Row CEO Elijah convinces Zarek to come negotiate with the owner of Saints Row and work out a partnership to help each other. Zarek arrives at the building to meet Austin as well as Zareks former half-brother Myen Mason. Zarek quickly disagrees to work with him and leaves the building as well as cutting ties with Saints Row.

A couple months pass and the LS Death Riders business burns down with Zarek trapped in it. Elijah, Myen and Austin of Saints Row save Zarek from the burning fire and Myen apologizes to his brother about the past.

Zarek puts the past aside and joins the Saints Row business partnership.